LeetCode 1742. Maximum Number of Balls in a Box

You are working in a ball factory where you have n balls numbered from lowLimit up to highLimit inclusive (i.e., n == highLimit – lowLimit + 1), and an infinite number of boxes numbered from 1 to infinity.

Your job at this factory is to put each ball in the box with a number equal to the sum of d[……]

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LeetCode 1768. Merge Strings Alternately

You are given two strings word1 and word2. Merge the strings by adding letters in alternating order, starting with word1. If a string is longer than the other, append the additional letters onto the end of the merged string.

Return the merged string.

Example 1:

Input: word1 = “abc”, wo[……]

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LeetCode 980. Unique Paths III

On a 2-dimensional grid, there are 4 types of squares:

1 represents the starting square. There is exactly one starting square.
2 represents the ending square. There is exactly one ending square.
0 represents empty squares we can walk over.
-1 represents obstacles that we cannot walk over.

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LeetCode 1486. XOR Operation in an Array

Given an integer n and an integer start.

Define an array nums where nums[i] = start + 2*i (0-indexed) and n == nums.length.

Return the bitwise XOR of all elements of nums.

Example 1:

Input: n = 5, start = 0
Output: 8
Explanation: Array nums is equal to [0, 2, 4, 6, 8] where (0 ^ 2[……]

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LeetCode 1389. Create Target Array in the Given Order

Given two arrays of integers nums and index. Your task is to create target array under the following rules:

Initially target array is empty.
From left to right read nums[i] and index[i], insert at index index[i] the value nums[i] in target array.
Repeat the previous step until there are no elem[……]

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